Latest Info

18-31 Aug 2018. Film release! Darwin and Broome cinema screenings (both sold-out/max capacity audiences) to raise money for a plaque (on Five Rivers Lookout above Wyndham) highlighting the role of Aboriginal people in the rescue of the aviators, plus a donation of training drones and remote sensing camera’s to the Balanggarra Rangers. Free screenings were held in Kununurra, Kalumburu and Wyndham as a thank you to Balanggarra people for allowing me on the their land for the expedition.

01 Jul 2018. Australian Geographic Magazine (Jul/Aug Issue #145) released an 8 page article on the expedition.

02 Feb 2018. Documentary Trailer Release!      Youtube version with Subtitles   Vimeo Version with no Subtitles

29 Jan 2018. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) television featured a 10 minute story story on my expedition in their ‘7:30’ program.

Article in the West Australian and Kimberley Echo newspapers.

02 Dec 2017. I’ll be releasing my documentary trailer very soon! My footage has been approved by the Aboriginal Elders! Thank you again to the Balanggarra people for allowing me on your precious land and approving my footage. I really appreciate your generosity!

11 Sep 2017. My raft has gone on display at the Art Centre associated with the Kalumburu Museum. Apparently it is generating a lot of interest. I’m so glad it’s found a home! I actually got a bit attached to it. I had expected it would rust and rot away at the local tip!

10 July 2017. I’ve made it out of the bush! The expedition was a success. I was able to survive my way out of the Aviators situation using only the materials available to them. It was difficult and I had many problems to overcome both in a survival and logistical sense. I’m extremely happy with the footage I’ve got. It was very difficult managing the filming equipment and drones in such a remote location with such extreme environmental conditions and no tech backup. I needed the triple redundancy I planned for with the filming equipment. Even with these precautions the filming process was nearly derailed catastrophically several times.

I’ve sent my footage to the Aboriginal Elders who are kindly reviewing it to ensure I don’t publish anything that they would rather remain sacred. When this process is complete I will release a few snippets while I bunker down and start editing the full doco.

I’ve had great responses and support from people around the world who have seen the Departure Video, heard the ABC Radio interviews  (I’ll hopefully have a link to the these here shortly), read the ABC news article and local newspaper coverage etc. There’s other stuff in the mix too but I’ll wait until the footage is cleared before I disseminate anything to the media.

I donated the raft to the Kalumburu Mission Museum and my aviator clothes, tools and antique fishing gear to the Wyndham Museum who were so helpful during my departure preparations.