Click on the link below to see a Wikipedia description of the original stranded seaplane aviators story. I placed myself in the same situation as these aviators to see if I could make it out to civilisation.

Wikipedia summary of 1932 Rescue


The first time I filmed on one of my adventures was during a solo ski crossing of Iceland. I had one cheap handycam with a battery that lasted just 36min.

Mike Skiing Solo Ski Across Iceland


Mission preparation greatly improves the chance of success. I made this video for Navy and Airforce pilot trainees to help them visualise how to start the aircraft. It takes a lot of preparation to be able to perform a task like this to a high standard the first time you attempt it. I apply the same aviation preparation skills to my outdoor expeditions. Note: This video was posted on Youtube by the Airforce, not me!

Airforce ‘First Person View’ flight training video by Mike


If you’re interested in becoming a pilot in the Australian Defence Force I would highly recommend it. It’s an awesome job!!! This site will give you plenty of info;

ADF Pilot Recruiting


……but to really improve your chance of getting selected as a pilot, I highly recommend a site called;

‘Get Your Wings’